Fedral Documents

US Legalization will authenticate the document from the US Department of State and the Embassy of Thailand .
The total amount is $103.00

If you have an educational document  please contact US Legalization before mailing. 
Click here for help to locate the Secretaries of State
(Charges in Details)


US Legalization prefers to receive payment in the form of a company check or money order payable to "US Legalization".
If the a company check cannot be issued in a timely manner, Visa visa, Master card master card or American Express american   express credit card payments are acceptable. If paying by credit, please send a printout of the payment confirmation in your package.
Billing: Upon request for billing, pharmaceuticals companies that are registered with the FDA, patent and trade mark offices, and companies that have a current G account will receive their invoice with the certified documents. 

Mailing :

You may use FedEx, DHL, ups or regular mail. Priority USPS usps is not recommended (it will delay your service by 2 days). 
Please include in your package the following:
1- The document(s).
2- A request stating that you want the document(s) certified from Thailand and your contact information.
A completed prepaid return airway bill (make sure that it has your account number) .
4- Your payment, printout of your payment confirmation (If paying by credit), or request for billing.

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